Liberate The Hidden Creative Power of Your Mind ... in 22 hrs

Simple and practical techniques will see you...

  • Lift the lid on your hidden creativity!
  • Break free from ‘hard-wired’ limitations!
  • Enjoy more of creativity's wonder, curiosity, freedom, well-being, confidence!
  • Experience a natural flow on effect to many areas of your life!
  • Join over 3500 students who have had amazing results!

Welcome to Extraordinary Mind Project

Picasso once said:
“All children are artists. The problem is how to
remain an artist once we grow up.”

Do you love the feeling of being creative and wish you could experience it more often and more fully?

Or perhaps your experience is of being not particularly creative but wishing you were. And sometimes you suspect that there is more to your natural talents …
if only you could get access to them.

Or are you one of the many who declare ‘I do not have a creative bone in my body’? Although you may be resigned to that, and even good natured about it, on some level is there disappointment and a wish that it wasn’t true?

Despair not. No matter what your apparent level of creative ability is, it is not true … no where near.

Picasso’s ‘artist in every child’ is fully recoverable.  

Uncovering extraordinary talents… in anyone

Information from many sources is changing our understanding of creativity including:

  • comparative studies of the characteristics of highly creative individuals
  • the famous split brain studies carried out in the 1960s by Roger Sperry which showed that every one of us has two ways of processing information - one that is in our awareness and one that is not 
  • a later widely published book based on those studies, ‘Drawing on the right side of the brain’ by Betty Edwards which for most of us was the first indication that all, and not just the lucky few, have creative processing ability
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s research in the field of creativity and the psychology of optimal experience and in the 1970s his coining of the term ‘flow’, and
  • studies of the brain and consciousness in the recently evolved field of research named cognitive science

Ordinary or extraordinary?
Would you like to have an indisputable experience of there being much more to your natural talents than you have ever imagined possible? 

Do any of these situations feel familiar to you?

  • You loved drawing as a child and then somehow life led you away from it? Maybe someone – who as a child you trusted – was disparaging about your drawing. You believed their judgement and some how the enjoyment slipped away. Is that what happened?
  • Or maybe, for some other reason, you just lost touch with it. And now you are ready to have that pleasure back. Would you like to reinstate that pleasure in your life, quickly and easily?
  • You are not really into drawing at all but you have an underlying desire to explore your creative side… to find out what’s really possible for you. How would you like to gain a direct access to more creativity in many parts of your life?
  • You are enjoying exploring various art forms, including painting, but feel that your drawing skills are holding you back? What impact would a freer, more sensitive and confident (inspired, even) wielding of the pencil have on your paintings and other art works?
  • You have done a lot of art in the past, maybe trained in art school… but now you are stuck. Many times you have experienced the magical feeling and results of being truly ‘in the flow’ … when everything goes so easily and looks perfect. Right now, though, you struggle to recapture the magic. How would you like to get right back in touch with your best level of work … and build impressively and expressively on top of that?
  • You have always drawn for enjoyment, maybe did art in secondary school, and now you would like to get even better at it… just because you like it. How would you like to find more pleasure than ever in your drawing by making unexpectedly large leaps in its quality and expressiveness?

About the Extraordinary Mind Project method

It works for:

  • ‘stick man’ drawers
  • hobbyists
  • practicing artists
  • professionals
  • tradespeople
  • homemakers
  • students - school and university
  • retired people
  • persons wishing to boost cognitive fitness
  • adventurers of all kinds and ages

It works best if you’re open to:

  • trying new things
  • personal development
  • giving yourself a second chance and
  • enjoying a non-competitive environment.

Click here for information about how the Draw Your Way To Creativity
course is a key to unlocking your creativity.

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Frank Smith: The course gives you an amazing sense of possiblity for doing anything that you take on!
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