About Extraordinary Mind Project
Science and wisdom combine in a powerhouse technique to unleash your creative potential

It used to be thought that our brains were hard-wired - fixed in structure and function by young adulthood - and nothing could be changed. However, neuroscientists have resolutely confirmed that brain circuitry can be changed at almost any age, showing the brain's remarkable plasticity. Enter the Extraordinary Mind Project…

Designed and developed by innovative entrepreneur Jan Cross, this breakthrough series of workshops combines information in a way that enables participants to access their subconscious creative ability far more deliberately and strongly than they are used to.


Participants produce extraordinary outcomes in condensed time periods. What is more, the techniques, which are based on present day cognitive science and neurolinguistic research plus enduring wisdom traditions, can create life-changing results.

Most of us live far below our potential, though not because we are lazy or disinterested. While the first few years of our lives are spent in an ongoing state of super-learning and creativity, soon, due to the hard-wiring (neurological patterning) of our brains, most of us lose close touch with the potential of these natural abilities.

Using drawing as the vehicle, each structured Extraordinary Mind Project workshop is designed to empower the brain to access its creativity by by-passing that previous hard-wiring, and so re-connect with these 'forgotten' capacities.

At the conclusion of each course, participants invariably speak of feeling more self confident and empowered. They see themselves and what's possible for them in a new light, and many new possibilities open up for them.

Classes are open to absolute beginners through to experienced artists. Fledgling artists are consistently amazed at what they can achieve, while those with experience take their practice to a higher, more powerful or nuanced level. A happy by-product of the Extraordinary Mind Project (EMP) is that it unintentionally serves to connect like-minded seekers of potential.

The method...

Jan Cross’s pioneering work rigorously synthesizes an abundance of information in a unique and powerful way. Her sources include comparative creativity studies, right brain left brain research, cognitive science, psychology of optimal experience, adult learning, teaching methods, leadership studies, personal development, meditation, and social change research, all with a view to unlocking the extraordinary talents and creative abilities we all have. The resulting workshops are the outcome of many years of intense interest, study and creative (ongoing) trialling of information and ideas.

The primary vehicle used to unleash the brain’s creativity is drawing, using a series of simple but specific exercises that break down the mind’s conscious ‘hard wiring’ and allow its subconscious functions to power through. The effectiveness of each drawing exercise becomes evident as a course draws to its close.

Each course is designed to intercept and bypass visual and other habit patterns, including perceptions and beliefs about what is possible and what is so. The participant is able to enter the natural learning 'flow state' and the environment can be seen afresh, so that new skills and ideas come easily.

In the ‘flow’ state there is a sense of effortless action and focused attention, a freedom from self-consciousness and concerns, and time ‘stands still’. And the good news is that everyone has this inherent capacity!


The results are consistently outstanding ... well outside the 5-10% level of potential within which we commonly function.


Did we mention that classes are an excellent way of combating stress? Deep relaxation exercises play a large part in the EMP process.

What participants can expect...

So far, close to 3,700 people, many of whom started out saying "I don't have a creative bone in my body", have turned around in a few short hours of working with the Project’s principles to produce artwork that astounds them... and their friends and family! Professional artists gain a means to tap the creative mind at will.

Previous participants have found their newly won confidence to be a catalyst in their lives. Some have written books, others have sidelined into photography, while others have taken their businesses to a more rewarding level. (See our testimonials on the People Say page.)

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About Jan Cross...

Owner and developer of the Extraordinary Mind Project, Jan Cross has been engaged in the study and application of ways to connect with the wealth of creativity that resides within each of us for almost 30 years. She was evolving practical applications of brain neuroplasticity well before this phenomenon of the brain was widely known and the term ‘neuroplasticity’ coined.

The spark for the Extraordinary Mind Project was Jan’s close observation of her first born and other children, who were brimming naturally with insatiable curiosity, unconditional confidence, no concepts of fear or risk, and with an unstoppable desire to learn and master new things. In fact, the first few years of life presented as an ongoing state of super-learning and creativity.

Commencing her studies, Jan became aware of the earlier 1960s split brain research which showed that each of us have two ways of processing – conscious and subconscious. Since then, her quest has ranged over many fields, including practical applications of cognitive science, psychology, optimal experience in sport, education and other fields (corporate and personal), mindfulness, transformative modalities, psychology of happiness, cognitive decline and neuroplasticity, to name a few.

Drawing on her fascination with the brain and its extraordinary capabilities, Jan leads courses and workshops, coaches, speaks regularly to groups and has presented at two conferences. Her courses have been presented by invitation in several of The UWA Extension Summer Schools and her work has been featured in articles in The West Australian, The Sunday Times and several community newspapers. Her participants' achievements have been showcased in exhibitions held at the Perth Concert Hall.


Jan considers her own life to be a work of art.


In her spare time she enjoys mosaicing, windsurfing, travel, photography and reading and likes to tell a good digital story.

In the media...

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The Extraordinary Mind Project unintentionally serves a social connectivity function.

Self-forming groups of past participants continue to meet regularly after the courses and, among other activities, from time to time organize exhibitions of their work.

Tall ship leeuwin - Trish and IPersJan is also involved in intentional creation of community. She designed a prototype workshop event in 2003 to enable people to find like minded people in their local community with whom to share activities and interests.

The resulting community group Ideas Place Melville consists of a dozen or so shared interest sub-groups and continues to flourish.


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