Free Introductory Workshop

If you would enjoy being astonished to discover and access more artistic and other creative talent in yourself than you have ever imagined possible then…
Firstly... book your place in a 2 hour Free introductory Workshop. Essential background information - a prerequisite if you should wish to enrol in a course.

An interesting, fun and transforming event in itself!

This workshop:

  • gives great background information on the principles at work in the Extraordinary Mind Project courses;
  • you will see examples of past participants' work which show the process in action; and
  • show breakthrough to more life, expressiveness and ease - with a natural flow on effect to other areas of life; and
  • there will be an opportunity for you to 'try on' some of the ideas, in the form of some simple drawing exercises.

Bec Watson: It was so much fun... I didn't feel I was being judged at all!
Draw Your Way to Creativity

A simple series of drawing lessons guides you small step-by-step into the natural learning and creativity of the 'in the zone' space.

Not only will you learn to draw startlingly better, this method has an automatic flow on aspect to it and you will experience a surprising awakening of your potential for creative expression in other areas of your life - art and non-art. The foundation course.

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Draw Your Way to Creativity

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Creative Expression Explosion - Have Your Artwork Speak!
(formerly Creativity Speaking, Please Unfold Me Fast! or An Experience In Expressiveness)

Discover how easy it is to gain access to your innate - though not commonly tapped - ability to pre-choose qualities, emotions and moods and then have them magically and strongly manifest on your page, so that your work speaks to others. An advanced course. 

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Create Your Art Project - the Extraordinary Mind Project way

Ready to Create Your Art Year rather than just let it happen... or not, as often happens... then this new2-day workshop serves as inspiration and guide.

The Project's methodology allows you to clarify what really 'floats your boat' when it comes to your art. What is it about the experience that so attracts you?

You will also choose an art medium(s) and direction to explore and then apply the methodology to set up your environment and manage your mind for creative success well beyond your expectations. Your own extraordinary mind project!

You will have unearthed your own unique 'awakening creativity' template!

Then, go ahead, re-use this template over and over. You can create your whole extraordinary 'life as a work of art'!

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Pictures With Punch: See Extraordinary Colour with Susan Sheppard

No drab - or even somehow unsatisfying - paintings are possible with this information!

In Draw Your Way To Creativity we have discovered how to side-step our brain’s boxed concept information about what we are seeing … in favour of present moment visual sensory perception, seeing freshly what’s there in all its richness, realness and energy – in black and white.

In Creativity Speaking, Please Unfold Me Fast! we upped the ante and discovered how to have our brain make new connections between a chosen feeling experience and the subject we are drawing. The result: your own unique, unusually expressive drawings that speak to others.  Those pots look so happy! In black and white.  

Now, in Pictures With Punch it’s time to discover how to side-step the brain’s colour paintbox, to lift the veil on colour and actually see colour in all its extraordinary subtlety and richness and to have that heightened perception show up in, and enchant, your artwork!   Whether realistic, impressionistic, or abstract.

Note - To simplify the learning process the medium used is chalk pastels. The heightened perception is applicable in any medium.

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Discoveries In Oil Pastels with Jeremy Holton

The unknown is the place where magic happens ... every single time. And that's where we are headed ... in colour! 

As a very early participant in the Extraordinary Mind Project methodology (in the 80s) Jeremy understands where Extraordinary Mind Project participants are coming from.  His approach is thoroughly discovery-based and is designed to continually intercept the 'already known'.

Guidance in composition, colour, and other such matters is included.

Jeremy Holton is a Western Australian artist of international renown with over 1,000 paintings in collections around the world.

You will have unique access to Jeremy's intuitive teaching and to his huge wealth of experience and knowledge.

4 sessions x 3 hours per week (12 hours)

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