Create Your Art Project - the Extraordinary Mind Project Way. Level 3. 2-day workshop

"TELL ME, WHAT IS IT YOU PLAN TO DO with this one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver

Because here is a place to dwell in curiosity – for two whole days – about the possibilities of art and creativity in your life!

To come up with a project that feels just right for you right now.

And that is designed to keep the inspiration and momentum happening!

Having discovered how to make it all happen you can then go ahead and use your own unique, brain-aware ‘creativity template’ - over and over - to enjoy extraordinary flourishing in all your creative projects!


"I am a ball of excitement! This is huge. What a path you are leading us all on, Jan!" ~ Ann Harrison

"A real break-through, expansion. Just so glad I came." ~ Heather S

"Thank you for taking me there." ~Wendy Wise

What’s involved?

1. Clarify what really 'floats your boat' when it comes to your art. ... what is it about the experience that so attracts you?

(A special process to help with this.)

Aligning your project with deep values and desires will keep you being drawn to the adventure! 

No big stick required.

"Jan has uncanny insight that helped us to bring out our individual needs & desires. And also helped to bring out where we could travel in our own creative journey" ~ Carol Peers 


2. Choose an enticing art medium and/or direction you would like to explore.

(There is magic available for getting past obvious first ideas.)

"The group work on our projects, the connection and bouncing of ideas, the support that came from that was great " ~ Jade Mitchell

"Just what I needed. What an amazing group. A privilege to be here" ~ Sally Lee

"Thank you so much, Jan, for including me in this group" ~ Patz Passerini 

3. Find out how to transfer the brain-aware Extraordinary Mind Project way to your own project, so that you can 'hold the creative space' for yourself. For out of the ordinary outcomes ... as in the other Project courses.

With an understanding of simple brain mechanics you will easily see how to set up your environment and manage your mind for optimum fun and outcome.


4. Leave the workshop with a vision for your art (or other creative project) over the next months and year and the structure for its realisation clear in your mind.

And with a feeling of having 'come home' to your creativity!

5. Following the workshop we create some opportunities to meet up every 5 or 6 weeks to regale and celebrate exceptional outcomes for all, art-wise and otherwise!


"I thoroughly enjoyed the sharing of ideas and the camaraderie. Feel energised and clear and ready to take the nextt steps in my [business] project." ~ Janie Hubble

“This has been brilliant for developing my skills and thought processes further, not only my art, but also within my work. Inspired me to have a go at bringing to fruition some new goals I did not know I had!" ~ Clara Lukin 

Extraordinary Mind Project? A brain turn on! For me it has really been personal growth using art. Particularly the last course [Create Your Art Project] because it really focused everything and helped me pinpoint what it really was that I wanted to get out of my art. And make a plan to do that. It has moved into all of my life... taking better care of myself, the way I live my life. I focus and choose what I want to get out of each day. Create my day! It has just been AMAZING!!” ~ Pam Byatt

“'I've written 2 books!' [in 6 weeks since the workshop. Practical tools for teachers and others helping children who reach school with a language delay]. “I have discovered what I want to do with my life, my purpose!” ~ Joanne Dickenson

“It's done a lot to keep me on path and connected to my inner truth, to recognize that creativity is a part of who I am and the way through which I can contribute to the world. Thank you, Jan, you are an inspiration to me.” ~ Yen Tran. Yen is writing a book telling of her life including coming to Australia as a 6 year old Vietnamese refugee.



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