Draw Your Way to Creativity… in 8 short sessions
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A simple series of drawing lessons guides you small step-by-step into the natural learning and creativity of the ‘in the zone’ space.

Not only will you learn to draw startlingly better than you have done before, the transformation takes place very quickly… over a matter of hours. The ideas that you learn will allow you to continue to explore and develop your drawing apace in any direction that you choose.

This method also has an automatic flow on aspect to it and you will experience a surprising awakening of your potential for creative expression in other areas of your life – art and non-art – even without intentionally applying the ideas to those areas.

Before beginning the course, most people are among those who struggle to produce a few embarrassing ‘stick man’ marks on a page. Progressively though, starting with simple eye-hand coordination exercises, all participants enjoy several short periods of breakthrough to ‘in the now’ flow experience.

In the last few hours of the course, extended periods spent in the flow state, say 30 minutes or more, allow you to capture what you see so that it appears on the page seemingly effortlessly and with that special ‘something about it’ quality that characterizes your extraordinary mind at work when unimpeded by habits irrelevant to the task at hand.

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Keys... to this transformation include:

  • - much improved concentration (or ability to be in the now where the new thing can happen),
- using the power of choice to engage the creative sub-conscious mind, and
- habit substitution which allows the environment, situations, people and assumptions to be seen afresh.

A short nature-based guided meditation at the beginning of each session helps with relaxation and focus and during the session special purpose music assists people to get ‘in the zone’.

What to expect... from just 20 hours of instruction
  • Startlingly improved drawing
  • A strong experience of tapping into your deepest potential… you will see yourself and your possibilities through new eyes… and like what you see!

  • A sparking of your inner artist… increased vitality and expressiveness will flow into all of your creative pursuits

  • A fast, sure way to break out of a rut – artistic or otherwise – and into a feeling of energized expansion and natural motivation 
  • Some special ‘time out’ for you … with tools to explore your creativity A simple step by step process which works for every one… whether non-drawer or practicing artist
  • Learn how to access the ‘flow’ state at will
  • Use the principles to explore other areas eg sport, music, other art, business, life
  • Enjoy fresh, rich, easeful concentration
  • Increased levels of relaxation
  • Arrive frazzled, leave refreshed!

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GUARANTEE  If an Extraordinary Mind Project course does
not produce results beyond your expectation, the course fee will be cheerfully refunded.  
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