Pictures With Punch: Seeing Extraordinary Colour with Susan Sheppard

No drab - or even somehow unsatisfying - paintings are possible with this information!

In Draw Your Way To Creativity;you have discovered how to side-step our brain’s boxed concept information about what we are seeing … in favour of present moment visual sensory perception, seeing freshly what’s there in all its richness, realness and energy – in black and white. 

In Creativity Speaking, Please Unfold Me Fast! we up the ante and discover how to have our brain make new connections between a chosen feeling experience and the subject we are drawing. The result: your own unique, unusually expressive drawings that speak to others.  Those pots look so happy! In black and white.

Now, in Pictures With Punch it’s time to discover how to side-step the brain’s colour paintbox, to lift the veil on colour and actually see colour in all its extraordinary subtlety and richness and to have that heightened perception show up in, and enchant, your artwork!  Whether realistic, impressionistic, or abstract.

Note - To simplify the process the medium used is chalk pastels. The heightened perception is applicable in any medium.

5 sessions x 2.5 hours per week (12.5 hours)

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