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Frank Smith: ... a beautiful experience!
WHAT PEOPLE SAY about Draw Your Way to Creativity...
Breakthrough method!! Unbelievable results. Changes your thinking. Sonja Kay

If you think you can’t draw, TRY THIS! You will be amazed.
S Brownrigg

Exceptional. Life and focus changing, transforming. Jan has an almost intuitive sense to develop others. Amanda Sherratt

Very valuable to me and more effective that I had thought possible. I gained skill and confidence almost without knowing. Jeremy Holton, now professional artist

 A very real conversion from O to real art. A very simple way to learn to be your own artist, to find the artist in you. Susan Mills

I really benefitted from this course and can honestly say that after a lifetime of feeling ‘not able to draw’ I will now happily give it a go and I am genuinely surprised at my efforts. I am now also writing creatively and have a better approach to tuning in to my concentration and allowing flow to happen. Please write your book and help others. Fiona Fitzpatrick

Excellent! … very relaxing and enjoyable to do. Everybody keeps going because it’s so worthwhile. Anne Bosworth

Sensational— I was depressed at the beginning of this course and it’s completely gone. Kerry Boyle

This course suited me more than any other course I have ever done and has opened my mind as well as my eyes. Thank you. Angela Rowell

Over the top fantastic! Sue Sheppard, prizewinning amateur artist

Provides the tools and the permission to explore your own creative abilities. Murray Dean

I wanted to gain skills in drawing and to reconnect on a soul level with creativity. Effective, stimulating, challenging, it works! A.Brown

It is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences. It has given me more confidence and I know that I can do most things that I want to achieve. J Townsend

It has changed my way of thinking. If I can do this course and succeed I must be able to do other things I thought I couldn’t do. J Sutcliffe (14-year-old)

It’s the first time I’ve actually been taught anything. I loved it — a fabulous course. J Lewis

I recommend the course with enthusiasm. Dr L Moyser

  Amazing—how we all got there in the end, despite our different level’s at the start. Enjoy the journey! Melodee Leggerini

Dear Jan, Thanks for sharing your wisdom and wonderful
techniques to help us bumbling artists. Jan & Joe

Absolutely incredible! I am so thrilled to have found this course.
I still can’t believe how far I have come and what I have achieved. Anneliese Lucido

Gave me confidence to explore and try different things and stopped me comparing my level of skill to other people’s; and it has stayed with me! Glenys Hoar

The excitement of what one can notice when really paying attention spreads to all areas of life. Normally my life is quite rushed and so I have really enjoyed taking time out to focus creatively. Have learned heaps. Thanks, Jan. Peggy Bollman

Your ability sneaks up on you! Paul-James Hill

An amazing means of finding another aspect of oneself. A little window starts to open. Lovely! Lesley Ramsay

Thoroughly satisfying. It gave me a real boost in my everyday life—I now have other goals I intend to achieve. H Blackwell

A journey of self discovery. An outstanding experience. John Butterworth

A way to build knowledge, confidence and  sensitivity into your approach to art making - with the bonus of personal  meditation and time out from stress and worry. The class felt like an oasis of calm, enlightenment  + dignity amidst the turbulence of my life. I always left feeling uplifted, optimistic and positive!' Margot Wiburd, professional artist

I gained some insight into why I made heavy weather of my engineering degree. J Bruin

I am cultivating the ‘mental state’ in my chess — with success. V Smyth

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about An Experience In Expressiveness...
Wow. I wanted something out of the ordinary… to develop my creative side and be a more dynamic person. This is brilliant. Clara

Loved the freedom, the encouragement, the permission to be myself. The course has put me ‘back on track’. Bob McKenzie

Excellent! I have done many art courses but haven’t had this level of feedback, which really helps with where to direct attention. I recommend it to those with an interest in drawing at ALL levels. Sally Lee

If you want confidence & the belief you can achieve anything, do this course. Heather

How amazed I am at my results. I never believed I would be able to achieve a level of drawing that I would be happy with. Trish Cooper

A totally different approach, with gentle guidance. I have been looking for this for 20 years! I feel motivated all day, not just my drawing. Judith

I found by the time I finished both courses the effect was not just on my drawing ability but also in other areas. I finished writing a book that I had been “playing” with for 2 years previously. I felt more confident in my everyday life as well. Kerry Boyle

Helpful, enjoyable, informative, relaxing. Terry Coulthard

You learn without realising it. Wendy Schulze

Exhilarating, stunning, clearing out all my preconceptions. Paul Reilly

  Re-invigorating, fresh opportunities, possibilities. Doug

Enjoyable, informative, relaxing, excellent (and non-threatening!) Many thanks, Jan. Gillian

A must do course! You are guaranteed to learn and become better at what you do. Karen Hembrow

Really opens the door to new ability and yearnings. Satisfying. Fiona McKay

Great course. It took me on a journey where I haven’t been taken before. Mary Cocciolone

Tremendous way to further your ability to add life and meaning to your drawing. Peter Mclean

If you want to get out of your own way and do what for you seemed impossible, do this course! Brilliant. Greg Schneider

Extremely helpful. Palvinda



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