About Us

Science and wisdom combine so you can claim the potential that is yours to live.

We are designed by evolution for creativity (as we all so clearly displayed in abundance as young children).

And yet most of us go on to live far below our potential.

Not because we become lazy or disinterested but because the brain is also designed for the opposite – to efficiently repeat what we already know automatically, instantaneously, and perfectly.

This is important - because this ability of our brain keeps us alive. 

However, the effect is that over time, as the brain is patterned with more and more ready responses, much of life rolls over into automatic.

And the connection with the wealth of creative potential within slips increasingly out of reach.

Our Mission

To explore what we, as adults, can do to reconnect with the creative potential that has become, and remains, hidden for so many of us.

So that you can eclipse what is ordinarily possible and experience coming home to your highest potential and uncommonly lived possibilities.

The truth is: your creativity is limitless!

What's possible?

The Extraordinary Mind Project, designed and developed by creativity change-maker Jan Cross, has already helped over 3,700 people tune into their creative subconscious and flow state far more deliberately and deeply than adults usually can and to astonish themselves with hidden creativity and potential they didn’t know (or remember) they have.

Essential in this breakthrough, brain-aware - applied brain plasticity - method is practical information about the mechanics of the brain and how to work with it to allow extraordinary outcomes within unusually short time frames.    

Whilst this transformation is initially experienced in the context of a specially designed drawing class (developed in Perth, Western Australia), participants have found that startlingly improved drawing skills (up to 500 per cent improvement - see examples) are just the beginning of tapping potential in every aspect of their work and life.

Being back in an ‘on-demand’ connection (such as we enjoyed as young children) with long-hidden creativity brings life-changing results.

There is a natural creative flow-on effect into other parts of life.
For example, spontaneous improvement across a wide range of activities and interests, from creative arts like painting, pottery, piano, and songwriting (an unexpected 30 to 40 new songs written “I can’t stop the flow!”) to sports like golf (dropping your handicap from 25 to 16). 

In terms of quality of life in general: 

Work, thinking and creativity: higher quality solutions, better quality focus, more clarity

Emotional balance: less reactivity, easier, less overwhelm, more peace and calm.

Well-being:  similar to meditation benefits, including deep relaxation, lowering of stress hormones

Health: some participants have reported pain relief and lessening of depression.

[Note: these results are anecdotal, specific to individuals. Disclaimer].

The method

The Extraordinary Mind Project methodology is a unique and powerful blend of information from many sources and insights.

It is the life work of Jan Cross, founder of Extraordinary Mind Project, who over 30 years has spent countless thousands of hours exploring this topic.

When Jan set out on this quest in the late 70s, little was known about the brain and creativity. Neuroscience hadn’t yet arisen as a field of study (it had to wait for the arrival of non-intrusive brain scanning technology for that to happen), and creativity was offered as a subject in only two universities in the world – both in business schools. 

And so she found herself outside the known – which is a good thing in the world of creativity!

Subject matter wise, she had to range far and wide… from the wisdom traditions to neuroscience and everything in between, including early studies of highly creative people, learning theory, particularly adult learning, psychology, positive psychology, optimal experience in education and sport, mindfulness research, meditation, transformational modalities of all kinds, change theory – personal, social, corporate, cognitive reserve. The list goes on.

Having also worked with the several thousand people who have joined the Project’s courses and workshops, the result is that the Project has developed a lot of practical experience in working with change and potential over time.

It’s in an area that neuroscience has recently confirmed through brain imaging as possible and calls brain plasticity.

It’s official! You can change what your brain can do for you!

And it turns out it’s not that hard to get out-of-ordinary results!

How can you claim the potential that is yours to live?

The Extraordinary Mind Project experience and its breakthrough insights are made accessible to people through brain-aware workshops and courses.

Your entry point is to attend a FREE workshop … Your Extraordinary Mind – The Brain-Aware Way!

Already over 3,700 people have participated in the Project's courses.

About Jan Cross

 Jan regularly speaks to groups and has presented at two conferences. Her courses have been offered by invitation in several of The UWA Extension Summer Schools, and her work has been featured in articles in The West Australian, the Sunday Times and several community newspapers. In addition, her participants' achievements have been showcased in 'before & after' exhibitions held at the Perth Concert Hall and The Undercroft, University of Western Australia.

Jan likes to think of life as a work of art and uses the Project's techniques in many aspects of her life. For example, she has recently been exploring how to use your brain to change your age!

Jan is the mother of two sons and the grandmother of five. In her spare time, she enjoys mosaicing, dancing, candid photography, white water rafting, and reading (especially about the brain), and she likes to tell a good digital story.

She invites you to reclaim your natural state of creativity!

Extraordinary Mind Project Exhibition of participants' achievements, The Undercroft, University of Western Australia
Opened by then Minister for Culture and the Arts, the Hon. John Day.

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