“I’ve just today finished my first draft of my first novel.” ~Alina Behan

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“I’ve just today finished my first draft of my first novel.” ~Alina Behan

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‘And the most precious and treasured advice Jan gave me was that I didn’t have to be anybody. Wow. Talk about a shift in perspective. I found it SO liberating!!’ ~ Micheline van de Beken

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"I can't stop the flow!" [of songs]… Jan's course was the key to unlocking that ... I love that process.” ~ Terry Mackintosh

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“What I didn’t know, was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know … Over the top fantastic! “ ~ Susan Sheppard, professional artist

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“I loved using the ability to channel an emotion and have that quality appear in my work. It was so easy to quickly produce many different expressions of the same subject.” ~ Nicola Farquharson

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“And I've taken on a coordinator role for junior golfers... something I wouldn't have thought of doing before.” ~ Gail Pennington

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“For me the flow that came out of doing the courses enabled me to write and self-publish a book that Curtin University listed as recommended reading… plus my depression disappeared.” ~ Kerry Nunn

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“I was blown away by how much more I could see. It was like turning on the lights!... Thank you, Jan. I believe in everything you do.” ~ Narelle Manser-Smith, professional artist

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Unlock hidden creativity and creative FLOW state and change what is possible for you to DO and BE. It is a paradigm shifting experience.

This is a NEW, Brain-Aware approach for changing what your brain can do for you!
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