Your Extraordinary Mind

The Brain-Aware Way FREE WORKSHOP

See yourself and your possibilities in a whole new light!

What would it be like to have the course of life lifted to a new level? 

Because all you need to know for this to happen is how to pose questions to your brain that stop it in its patterned tracks and allow you to see and experience things anew… much as you did as a curious child.

This is open to everyone, whether you say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” or you already have a lot of creativity in your life.

With some essential, practical information about the mechanics of the brain and how to work with it, it is possible to tune into the creativity networks and flow state – and your higher potential – more deliberately and deeply than adults usually can.


Opportunities for ‘Aha’ moments – Could this be you, too?!

There are many opportunities for insights at Your Extraordinary Mind – The Brain-Aware Way workshop . . . 

Discover how 2 myths about the brain and creativity have – until just the last few decades – effectively kept humans stuck regarding what is really possible for people creativity-wise.

Find out the life-changing secret of a not widely understood 3rd myth.

Understand how brain mechanics separate you – and automatically keep you separated – from your higher potential. And see your vital role in the reconnection.

Find ways of breaking free from and slipping past brain patterning that is effectively cramping your style … and soul.

Hear how 6 elements are hugely powerful when it comes to reconnecting with your true potential – especially when each is understood from a new, brain-aware perspective:

  • Focus – knowing what level and quality of ‘in the present’ focus makes magic
    + how to reliably get there.

  • Choice – as a trigger for creativity and catalyst for any desired change or goal that you want to accomplish
    + the art of choosing what to explore next.

  • ‘Deliberate not knowing’ – a technique for ‘living in the question’ rather than life being a largely automatic living out of already known answers.

  • Action – willingness to be in the unknown, to start doing something you do not know, in some measure, how to do.

  • Becoming an impartial observer – having freedom from assumptions about limits and expectations
    + a naturally toned-down inner critic
    + as a problem pattern spotter extraordinaire, you can easily see, and so can slip past, them. (When you are in a pattern, it is often so hard to see it.)

  • Patterning for creativity. Turn it around! Re-wire the brain for direct access to your true potential... on demand!

See ‘before & after’ examples of this brain-aware information transforming drawing ability before your eyes... in black and white! 

What people are saying about the FREE Workshop . . .

Hi Jan, Great to meet you and thank you so much for your excellent introductory session on Monday evening. ~ Andy Vigor, engineer

Hello Jan, Thank you for an informative and perspective shifting evening last night in Joondalup. ~ Julie F

Hi Jan, can’t express how much I got out of your introductory workshop this morning. It had a profound effect on me. And very little to do with drawing! Heartfelt thanks. What a wonderful Life’s Work you have created. ~ Deb G

Hi Jan, thank you for last night, really appreciated your passion and skills. ~  Aidan Casey

This workshop is for you if …

  • You would love to have an indisputable experience of being much more talented and creative than you have ever imagined possible.
    It’s a paradigm shift that changes everything!
    “I feel like I can do anything. I really do!”
  • You sense ‘something missing’ in life, even though you are very successful.
  • You strongly suspect, or know, that there’s more to you and your creativity, and you are curious to explore what’s really possible.
  • You think you’re not that creative but would love to find out this is not true.

  • You feel stuck and frustrated or at a standstill in some area.
    (Great news, because it may entice you to the edge of your comfort zone, where creativity and freedom and an incredible feeling of peaceful mind and ok’ness live.) 
  • You loved your creative hobbies as a younger person, and then life got in the way, and now, even though you are ready & yearning, you can’t seem to find your way back.
  • You could do with much less of some of these:  busyness, overwhelm, stress, reactivity, lack of clarity, and little motivation.
  • You would love some deep quality ‘me time’!

Reclaim the creativity you were born to live! 

What happens in the Workshop . . .

Here is an opportunity for a 2.5 hours’ immersion in curiosity and exploration of being extraordinarily more creative and talented than you thought… and what that could mean for you.

In summary, you will

  • Hear essential background information about practical mechanics of the brain, and how to work with it, including

  • how come so much of your creativity and true potential becomes & usually remains hidden, and

  • See ‘before & after’ examples showing - in the context of transforming drawing ability – how the Extraordinary Mind process works.

  • Begin your own adventure right away with some specially designed and simple drawing exercises.

Note – Extraordinary Mind Project is a competition- and comparison-free environment.

This FREE Workshop is a transforming and fun event in itself – well worth attending! No obligation.

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Extraordinary Mind Project ‘Before & After’ Exhibition of participants' achievements,
The Undercroft, University of Western Australia
Opened by then Minister for Culture and the Arts, the Hon. John Day

Unlock hidden creativity and creative FLOW state and change what is possible for you to DO and BE. It is a paradigm shifting experience.

This is a NEW, Brain-Aware approach for changing what your brain can do for you!
© Extraordinary Mind Project &  Jan Cross 2020
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