Creative Expression Explosion

Have Your Artwork Speak!

From extraordinary to exponential unfolding of your natural state of creativity!

Creative Expression Explosion - Have Your Artwork Speak! spans the gap from the initial limits-transcending experience of Draw Your Way To Creativity - to a live, ongoing adventure into what's really possible with your Extraordinary Mind.

Build on your Draw Your Way To Creativity experience . . .

  • “I found out I can draw! In session 2 I did a shoe and when I looked at it at home I thought, oh my god, I can actually draw! And when I did a man on a rock the next week I thought if I never do another thing I will still be happy! I was just super excited because I can do it. I just want to take that a bit further.” ~ Geraldine 

  • “I have been doing art since I was a kid and I wanted to improve on what I could do. What I walked away with was just learning a totally different way of looking at stuff that I already thought I knew. This was a new way of doing things. And what I did… it just blew me away. I am still really excited about it all.” ~ Cherie

  • “I can draw better than I thought I could, way better than I thought I could. And it was interesting to see that everybody had a different style immediately.” ~ Richard

  • I didn’t have any creativity in my life. My job was not creative. I felt I wanted to go and do something creative because it felt that there was an element actually missing from my life. I enjoyed coming along every week and learning a different way to actually learn, so I thought that was really interesting. A different way of looking at creativity and what creativity is.” ~ Talitha

  • “I always thought I was creative but wanted to find a way of expressing myself. I was blown away by the experience and also I have been able to be more creative in other areas – landscaping, doing up my home, at work. Probably the greatest thing I got was the mindfulness, just being able to be in the moment. I’ve got a busy mind and while I was doing the creative stuff it was still.” ~ Colette

  • “I said to my husband, it’s like it grows out of the paper . . . and looks like something! That was really exciting. Also, for me it was being able to sit and focus and not realise how much time had gone by. That was a real awakening, to be totally absorbed in what I was doing.” ~ Madeline

A deeper, greater, more playful,
joyous part of you is waiting... for adventure!

The Top 3 reasons

The top 3 reasons people choose this course are:

  1. I want to dwell more in the peace and calm at the essence of the creative flow state. It’s a profound sense of ‘coming home’.

  2. I want to take the discovery of hidden talents further and see what more is possible. We are born to explore!

  3. Intrigue with expressing yourself and communicating on an uncommonly deep level through art, and other activities, without saying a word! We are designed by evolution for creative expression in the world.

Creative Expression Explosion will:

  • position you more deeply in the realm of your full potential, and

  • strengthen the pathways to the richness waiting there.

That is, re-wire the brain for free flowing of creative flow states!

The experience is again set in the context of drawing, with a natural flow on applicability to any of your creative interests and life.

And here is what you can expect…

Deep peace and calm

Experience more of the peace and ok’ness energy at the heart of the creative flow state, and its after-effects.

On-demand access

Feelings of deep competence and ‘freedom to be’ settle in as you, in effect, re-wire your brain for on-demand access to your natural state of creativity.
“I feel like I can do anything. I really do!”

Artwork coming alive

Feel enchantment with exquisite sensitivity and aliveness showing up in your artwork, as awareness of visual and other senses, feeling states, body language and movement awaken.

The environment comes alive as well.

One effect is more awe and wonder moments in life.

(Note: awe and wonder moments, daydreaming, and the creative flow state have recently been confirmed by neuroscience to use the same brain networks.)

Go ahead, lose yourself in a sunset.

It’s a creative state!

Creativity flow on effects

Creativity happening in other interests of yours – art and otherwise. Whether you like it or not!

Because even after only one process experience (in Draw Your Way To Creativity), your brain naturally starts to flow the process into like situations.

Examples of unanticipated creative flow on happenings for participants

Exponential unfolding of creativity

You are travelling faster and further as you repeat the whole process in most exercises (rather than the elements of the process being explored piece by piece spread over the sessions of the Draw Your Way To Creativity course).

This means

  • being catapulted from extraordinary to exponential unfolding during the course, and
  • post-course having the bird’s eye view and experience set you up for adventuring further into your drawing and/or any other creative interests.  

Have your artwork speak!

Have your artwork speak as you engage creative flow state in a way that is quite uncommon. You will be able to choose before you start your drawing – or other artwork or other activity, such as playing the piano – what mood/ quality/ idea will manifest in your work, as if by magic!

Result: works that resonate and communicate with others on a deep, below-language level – heart to heart. So, it’s not just your unique style emerging from here on.

It is your unique, chosen communication in your unique style!

You will find that it is remarkably easy to do this.

It takes only a few short hours to tap into expressiveness in a way usually only chanced upon by the ‘lucky’ few.

Intentional creativity

Become your own ‘Director of Extraordinary Mind’ as you move swiftly toward being ‘programmed for creativity’ and less for the opposite.

You have a handle on how to be very intentional about  your creativity – choosing it and then guiding yourself through the theory and mechanics of access (for example, knowing which tasks to assign to the conscious and which to the subconscious). 

You will be free to adventure in any area of your choice with exponential effect!

A perfect answer...

Become exceptionally impressed by and confident in your brain’s ability to come up with a perfect answer for any question that you put to it.   

In other words, be well along the path to unconditional confidence in what

you and your brain can do to enhance life – yours and other people’s!

This is the Extraordinary Mind Project’s goal for you in this course.

This is for you if . . .

  • After discovering you were so wrong about your drawing ability, you are wondering what else you have thought to be outside your realm is actually not.

  • You want to experience the deep peace and calm of coming home to your natural state of creativity much more often.

  • You would love more balance and more space for joy in an over-busy, always-on life.

  • Being able to express yourself on a higher, richer plane, with much less effort, is very appealing.

  • You’ve lost your fear of trying new things and now can’t be stopped! So you want to make up for the lost time.

  • You are ready for the most incredible adventure … exploring what’s really possible for the human called ……………….. [your name].

Your sense of adventure and purpose and inspiration expand

Here's what people say...

  • "Absolutely liberating, joyful. Unbelievably satisfying" ~ Frank Smith, project engineer

  • "A class that inspires and allows you to discover abilities from deep within" ~ Claire Jenkins  

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course. One thing I got was just seeing the paradigm shift in myself. Everything's possible now." ~ Colette O'Dea

  • "Really opens the door to new ability and yearnings. Satisfying ~ Fiona McKay, artist and art teacher  

  • “I am confident to try new things without worrying how others will judge me. Thanks, Jan.  Awesome + stress free sessions.”  ~ Johanna Lee

  • "Mind blowing!" ~ Tania Pullella

Your inspiration has a ripple on effect to others.

Transformations from Creative Expression Explosion ...

“It was like turning on the lights!... I was blown away by how much more I could see. Thank you, Jan. I believe in everything you do.” ~ Narelle Manser-Smith, professional artist

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“For me the flow that came out of doing the courses enabled me to write and self-publish a book that Curtin University listed as recommended reading… plus my depression disappeared.” ~ Kerry Nunn

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“And I've taken on a coordinator role for junior golfers... something I wouldn't have thought of doing before.” ~ Gail Pennington

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Unlock hidden creativity and creative FLOW state and change what is possible for you to DO and BE. It is a paradigm shifting experience.

This is a NEW, Brain-Aware approach for changing what your brain can do for you!
© Extraordinary Mind Project &  Jan Cross 2020
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