Unlocking creativity and FLOW

So you can claim the potential that is yours to live!

Tapping Into your Extraordinary Mind Increases Your Outcomes by up to 500%!

You were

Designed for Creativity!

  • And so what has happened?

  • And so what has happened?

How do we disconnect from our birthright of creativity?

As very young children we lived in an energy state of curiosity and creativity (alpha and theta wave) for most of our waking hours.

New connection-making and understandings about the world and life and how it all works happened apace. 

As more and more ready-made answers were patterned in place in the brain as habits and beliefs and knowledge, much of our daily life rolled over into automatic.

In the process, the original full spectrum of possibilities and potentials was closed off.

This doesn’t mean that the possibilities and potentials no longer exist

It doesn’t mean that we are no longer capable of making new connections (of course not!) and of being in that magical new connection-making flow state called creativity.

What can be missing is the realisation that, as an adult, you

  • have to actively choose creativity, and
  • know how to break free from, slip past, elements of existing brain patterning that are effectively cramping your style … and soul.

Is hidden creativity calling you?

If you:

  • suspect, or know there’s more to you and your creativity if only you could access it
  • have sensed ‘something missing’ in life, even though you are a very successful person
  • feel stuck and frustrated, or at a standstill, in some area
  • crave some freedom from overwhelm, distractions, and fear of uncertainty (all energy and creativity enemies)
  • are already creative and are curious to take it to an extraordinary level
  • have always thought that you’re not that creative but would love to find out if this is not true

then it is likely that...

Your Extraordinary Mind

is calling you home to your highest potential!

(The latest FLOW research shows boosts in ease and quality of performance of up to 500% in every area tested. Research by University of Sydney, McKinsey & Co, DARPA.)

Extraordinary Mind Project takes you deeply into the field of your full potential

You have

  • An indisputable experience that there is much more to your natural talents than you have ever imagined. (Yes, you can do the seemingly impossible!)
  • A way to instantly see yourself and what you can do in a new light … and like what you see!
  • A jumping-off point for new adventures and an overall natural enrichment of life, including more awe and wonder, and joy moments.
  • Reconnection with your creativity as a natural state of being, one free of competition, comparison and self-critical judgement.
  • A feeling that you have somehow gotten something back, a precious part of yourself.

The Extraordinary Mind Experience...

Your Extraordinary Mind

The Brain-Aware Way

Shine some light on YOUR hidden creativity!

A fun, informative and transforming event! 2.5 hours immersed in curiosity and exploration of being extraordinarily more creative than you thought... and what that could mean for you.

It is also essential background information for success in our courses.

Draw Your Way To Creativity

Awaken to Extraordinary Mind

See your hidden potential unfold before your eyes!

In a matter of hours,
experience indisputable visual and immediately felt evidence of having more talents and creativity than you have imagined possible.

This will forever change your perception of who you are and what you can do!

Creative Expression Explosion

Explore Extraordinary Mind

Have your artwork speak …without saying a word!

Confidence in your creative subconscious proliferates as potential unfolds in surprising ways. For example, you can choose a mood/ quality/ idea & have it show up in your work as if by magic.

This ability to put questions to the creative subconscious for insight & solving applies in any area – art and non-art.

Create Your Life As Art

Live from Extraordinary Mind

Adventure into lifting life to another level!

Once re-awakened, creativity naturally flows in & around your life. Here, add the impact of intentionally guiding it into an area of your choice – create your own art project the Extraordinary Mind Project way.

With your unique ‘Brain-Aware Creativity Template’ in hand,  you can do the seemingly impossible in area after area of your life.

More for Grads

Expand your Extraordinary Mind

More to explore for graduates of the Extraordinary Mind Project
Frank Smith... "It's a beautiful experience!"

Start your journey... 

Your Extraordinary Mind

The Brain-Aware Way FREE WORKSHOP


See stories of what has happened for others through this brain-aware approach . . .

Reconnecting with my creative side has changed my life for the better... and it has been liberating to become that person." ~ Fay Agathangelou

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“My artwork improved dramatically.
Helps you to regain your everyday creativity. Definitely worth doing.” ~Alina Behan

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‘And the most precious and treasured advice Jan gave me was that I didn’t have to be anybody. Wow. Talk about a shift in perspective. I found it SO liberating!!’ ~ Micheline van de Beken

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"I can't stop the flow!" [of songs]… Jan's course was the key to unlocking that ... I love that process.” ~ Terry Mackintosh

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