More for Grads

More for Grads

Creativity Refresh – 1-Day Workshop

A special day of adventuring in the realm of your full potential whilst you:

  • Re-immerse yourself fully in the state of being, the energy state, the flow state.
    That allows you to surprise and inspire yourself time after time.

    It's your natural state ... creativity!

  • Strengthen the re-wire for creativity, for direct access to your true potential

  • Refresh your experience and knowledge of EMP method as you apply it in a new medium.

  • Have the feeling of ‘coming home’ and resting in that.

  • Emerge with the inspiration and knowledge to live more from your true self.

Discoveries In Oil Pastels With Jeremy Holton – 4 sessions

This is an opportunity to

  • step into the unknown – where magic happens – and extraordinarily successfully emerge with a ‘gallery wall worthy’ art piece, in full colour.
  • be guided by Jeremy and Jan as you translate your EMP experience and knowledge into a new medium.

As a Project participant (in the early 80s at the beginning of his career) and still using its principles, Jeremy’s approach is very sympatico with your Project experience.

He knows where you are coming from!

You will also have unique access to Jeremy’s intuitive teaching and to his huge wealth of experience and knowledge.*

His approach is thoroughly discovery-based and is designed to continually intercept the 'already known '. For example, after several hours of intense, colourful effort you will likely obliterate your entire work with a covering of violet ink and, when the ink has dried, set about the final phase of re-discovering the image through scraping back and adding in to create your very own masterpiece.

Guidance in composition, colour, and other such matters is included!

*Jeremy Holton is a Western Australian artist of international renown with over 1,000 paintings in collections around the world.

For available dates visit: 

Pictures with Punch: Seeing Extraordinary Colour With Susan Sheppard – 5 sessions

No drab paintings possible here!

Discover how to side-step the brain's colour paintbox, to lift the veil on colour and actually see colour in all its extraordinary subtlety and richness.

The heightened colour perception will show up in and enchant your artwork! whether realistic, impressionist or abstract.

Susan Sheppard is an award winning, professional artist and past participant in the Project. With a science teaching background and uncapped curiosity, Susan has developed a very good understanding of the nature of light and of the part that the brain plays in colour perception. 


Unlock hidden creativity and creative FLOW state and change what is possible for you to DO and BE. It is a paradigm shifting experience.

This is a NEW, Brain-Aware approach for changing what your brain can do for you!
© Extraordinary Mind Project &  Jan Cross 2020
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