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Congratulations and thank you!

Thank you for choosing, and making the time, to take the What’s Your Hidden Creativity Potential? quiz.

Big congratulations to you and your curiosity!  What you are doing - hearing the call of creativity and opening to more adventure - is surprisingly uncommon, and much needed in the world.

And I know there are many levels of extraordinariness waiting patiently for you to answer their call!

The purpose of this quiz is to add fuel to the fire in you that wants to experience all that you can be, i.e., to follow the natural impulse to self-actualize that Abraham Maslow spoke about!

Hi - I'm Jan Cross, Creativity Change-Maker and founder at Extraordinary Mind Project.

Over more than three decades - in what has turned out to be my life's work - I’ve helped literally thousands of people reconnect with hidden creativity that they didn’t know (or remember) they have.

As evolved over time, this brain-aware pathway has proven transformational for people no matter how creative they seemed to be, or not, before knowing this information.

It has huge potential for raising the level of creativity in our world. Which is what led me down the path of creating the quiz. 

So, thank you very much for your interest. Let’s get to your results!

What’s Your Hidden Creativity Potential category?

Based on the information you’ve shared in the quiz, the category that best reflects where you are on the path home to your full potential is “Creativity-In-Waiting".

Hey, you’re “Creativity-In-Waiting”!  Go, you!

Tell me this . . .

  • Are you someone who enjoys (or would love to have the time to enjoy) pockets of daydreaming,
  • as well as those ‘stop you in your tracks’ awe and wonder moments (such as a beautiful sunset, or an orchestra or person performing at a transcendent level)?

Because neuroscience has recently found that daydreaming, awe and wonder experiences, the flow state, and imagination all use the same brain networks.

So, if in your busy life you haven’t already done so, give yourself permission to

  • stare out of the window often!
  • and to not miss any awe and wonder opportunity that comes along!

They are creative states! . .    v. important work.

What can some brain science mean for you and your creativity?

Let’s start with the thought that you're already much more creative in your life than you give yourself credit for. (Others can easily see it!)

  • You’ve experienced the flow state many times when, totally focused on an(y) activity, what you’ve produced has been of a higher quality, and happened more easily, than is usual for you.
  • You know the calm and peace and power that's at the centre of the creative energy state. And the aliveness.
  • You value the 'coming home' to your creativity feeling.
  • There's a deep-down wish for more of the 'arty' variety of creativity to show itself in your life

You’re creativity waiting to happen! Big time!

There are likely times, though, when

  • you’ve felt stuck or at a standstill in some area (art or non-art) and wished you could find your way clear more easily.
  • Or in a paused moment that ‘something’s missing’ feeling has come up, even though life is full and good.
  • Maybe life's too full and stress levels are sometimes up. Stress is a well-known creativity stopper.
  • Sometimes creative activities that you enjoyed so much in your younger years seem beyond possible to reconnect with - try as you might. It's so easy for the habits of life to get in the way.
  • I know for sure judgemental authority figures can get in the way of precious young creativity. Far too many people tell of a childhood experience of being judged talentless in something they loved doing. And closing down.   
  • Maybe the path through school and into adulthood just led right away from creativity.

But hey, there are times when you’ve been in flow states and caught tantalising glimpses in yourself of levels of creative talent and ease that surprised you.

You kind of know – especially from the best flows you’ve had – that there is much more to you and your creativity. 

Possibly you think of yourself as being more of a logical than creative bent?

Q: What could some brain science in the creativity mix mean for you?

What if there was a way you could use conscious, logical, analytical thinking to tap into the so often elusive subconscious creative magic, pretty much on-demand?

A: An opening to opportunities that even you've never thought of! 

Because for everyone, imagination is faced with the limitations of what we think is possible! And this is your ticket to slipping past them! 

Imagine that . . . in this secretly champing-at-the-bit “Creativity-In-Waiting” world of yours!

My guess is that you would deep down like this to be a case of just 

“Give me the know-how . . . and stand back!”

OK, then!

BTW, how many delightful surprises can you stand? 

The most common obstacle on the “Creativity-In-Waiting"  path is also the key to the cure

It is hard to reconnect with hidden creativity, to find your way home to the whole of your potential!

The most common - and the most unknown - reason for both creativity to become hidden, and for it to be seemingly difficult to reconnect with, is on a practical brain mechanics level.

Let me explain, though, how 

an understanding of the practical mechanics of the brain
– and how to work with it
allows us adult humans to enter our
natural energy state of creativity and flow,
deliberately and on a deeper level
than adults usually can.

And it's remarkably fast and easy to open way more possibilities!!

WARNING: This is about to get nerdy!

Two subconscious functions in opposition 

In practical terms, from our outsider/owner’s point of view, our brain is designed with two very important functions on the subconscious level that happen to be in opposition.

ONE SUBCONSCIOUS FUNCTION is to take you safely through your day by matching incoming data against the patterning of your past experience. It very efficiently has you repeat what you already know – automatically, instantaneously, and perfectly!

So if, for example, you are a stick-man level drawer and you have a piece of paper, a pencil, and a subject to hand, your brain knows exactly what’s required . . . stick-man level drawing!

It will have you do it perfectly, and continue to do so, unless and until you find out how to intercept patterns that are holding you, hostage, at stickman level.

In fact, it repeats past patterning so well that it can leave you believing that it’s the whole picture of what’s possible, or not, for you to achieve and be.

And this is the biggest mistake that people make: to believe this!

Of these two subconscious functions, this past-based one is dominant and so you can see how easy it is to

  • become stuck, or feel at a standstill, in a situation, and to
  • underestimate your ability to break out of it, to change things.


THE OTHER SUBCONSCIOUS FUNCTION is, of course, your creativity!

Your ‘born to explore’, breaking out ability! 

What 'breaking out' looks like . . .

NOTE: Improving your drawing ability out of sight is used as a perfect context for learning how to access all hidden creativity . . . giving you the freedom and tools to go ahead and light up any area of your life with more creativity

“This provides you with the tools and brain knowledge, and the permission, to explore your own creative abilities."  ~ Murray D., schoolteacher

"Very different to other courses. Feel more potential in life, other abilities.”  ~ Mina J., medical doctor

'Before & after'

Following are examples of participants unfolding hidden creativity during Extraordinary Mind Project courses.

Included are some post-course transformations people have experienced using the same brain-aware approach in non-drawing areas.


These breakthroughs, and the outside-the-norm progress, happen in hours of working with this information, not in weeks and months, or over years.

There's something magical about this! 

"I know it was me [that just drew that], because I was here!" ~ Nola O.

"I feel like I can do anything. I really do!" ~ Naomi A.

"Jan takes you from nothing to something. It's a beautiful experience!" ~ Frank S., engineer

What you can do right now to start accessing still hidden creativity

In a ”Creativity-In-Waitingworld such as yours, the biggest secret to the limitless unfolding of creativity is having ‘at will’ access to the deepest, most hidden, reaches of it.

For this to happen, more practical information about the mechanics of your brain, and how to work with it, is beyond beneficial.

Happily, there is now a practical and fast small step-by-small step – and this is the important bit – brain-aware path to take to your patiently waiting hidden creativity.

Right now, here’s what you can do to start opening a deeper connection with it than is common.

1 Begin transcending limiting beliefs

TRY THIS:  No matter what level you are now at, can you stop yourself in your patterned belief tracks for a moment and stand . . . open to the thought that:

  • all your accomplishments so far (art and non-art), all learning, problem solving, and creativity have been based on subconscious new-connection-making ie on the creativity mechanism, and
  • as remarkable as your accomplishments are, might they still just be the tip of the iceberg?

The truth is: your creativity is limitless!!

A TIP:  Do you think of raising your creativity level as a way of

  • developing and expressing more of the person you know yourself to be, who you identify as? (This approach is the norm.)


  • think busting right through your beliefs, transcending who you think you are and what you can do!

Because, as you know, the essence of the creative flow state is to lose all sense of self, i.e. to transcend the self and its limiting opinions and expectations. and to come out surprised, seeing yourself and what you can do in a new light

Following is an example of someone changing how they see themselves and what they can do . . . from one drawing (centre) to the next (right)!   

Between the 'before' drawing (left) and the breakthrough drawing (centre) is the 20 hours of brain-aware information and exercises that make this possible.

Note: exponential unfolding is the norm. It's available to everyone, no matter what level you are currently at.

2 Choose creativity! It's your natural state!

A simple idea: creativity is a choice!

Just keep actively choosing the new, choosing to explore, choosing curiosity,

Because otherwise your subconscious brain - it's designed that way - will keep you efficiently repeating your whole life pretty much as you know it.

Including hampering you from being as creative as you sense you deep down want to be.

Happily, we're also designed, especially made, for creativity!

But you have to choose it! Time after time. What fun?

“Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives … most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity… [and] when we are involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life."
~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, legendary creativity researcher,  author of the book “Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience,” and the first to popularize the concept of “creative flow”.

Curious? Here are some steps toward more uncommon creativity

The simple actions mentioned above – choosing to be open to the idea of limitless creativity within you and choosing creativity often – underlie the success of this brain-aware pathway.

By approaching drawing exercises in a brain-aware way (not right brain/ left brain – this is up to the minute ‘whole brain’) you can, in effect, re-wire your brain for direct, on-demand access to your true potential. And know how you did it! Important!

Along the way spinoffs include

  • a naturally toned-down inner- critic
  • comfort outside your comfort zone (and excitement)
  • a knack of ‘living in the question’ – that creativity is – rather than out of already known answers
  • a quality of focus that makes magic,

among others.

I’m excited for you and urge you – if you don’t already - to think of flourishing your creativity as part of the change that the world’s waiting for.


Jan Cross.

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This is a NEW, Brain-Aware approach for changing what your brain can do for you!
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